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Jewelry Care

Maintaining your pieces regularly guarantees they will last for years. We do not recommend sleeping, showering or swimming in them as some of them are very delicate.

A polishing cloth is enclosed with every order to keep the tarnish at bey, but should you need to clean your metals and or gemstones we do have a few recommendations. 

1. Soft Soap brand antibacterial hand soap is my personal favorite. In a deep enough dish to      hold your pieces, fill with warm water, enough to cover them completely. Add a generous amount of liquid soap and swish for suds. You can use a soft brush like an old toothbrush to remove dirt, body oils and hair products that sometimes dull your pieces. when cleaning brass it may be necessary to use a bit of baking soda to gently polish off the grime. After, rinse under clean water and place on a towel to dry. Buff with a soft clean towel. This cleaner can be used a few more times just place in a jar or plastic container and label it.

2. For brass only pieces: In a container large enough to hold your pieces fill with equal parts white vinegar and water add a teaspoon of salt. You can either soak your pieces for 20 minutes or shake them in container with a lid for a few minutes. This method needs to be monitored while executing, salt and vinegar are corrosives.